bunny disco club | TBN 9-2-21

Bookmaking log: banked 2,039 words of notes in The Endless Wood, continued notetaking for W-666 entry 2 | TBN +1,217 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

Booting up a game of the call of duty rn. Mauer der Toten. Oh yeah. Boutta Toten the fuck outta that Mauer.

The lag was pretty disgruntling at first, but we’re running smooth now. Got this Gorev-ass motherfuck talkin’a me. Requiem belongs to Omega at the moment, unfortunately, as one of Omega’s operatives was actually not only a Nazi, but also a Nazi’s daughter, and there’s a whole riot in the middle of street sympathizing for her and the Russians need me to gun it all down before the zombies get there first.

Lock and load, you civilian shitbirds

no jk, that’s not why Requiem belongs to Omega. Look, I’m playing the call of duty. I need to store up some energy, tomorrow’s gonna be a whole day. There will likely be no The Note tomorrow. Or maybe there will. Not sure yet. Gonna do something I’ve been wanting to do for a good long while now. Gonna be a whole day. I’m pumped

I want to say though. i got a couple black market THC dispo’s from the weed store. the one brand is super legit. the other is significantly less so. i stopped using the one that was less so

oh god, just got hit with the first Connection Interrupted bullshit

so I stopped using the sketchy one, used about half of the solid one. gonna use the rest tomorrow. might smoke the rest of my weed tomorrow. to be honest, the weed was very necessary in the doing of The Great Revamp, and it’s been great in building the world for the next W-666 book, but…

shit. just hit the bunny disco club. shit’s getting wild in the bunny disco club


we survived the bunny disco club. round 25, leggo

but yeah, cannabis costs money, and I found a place that takes credit cards, but… if I max out the credit card I’m really fucked. like, I don’t even mind making the books for free to be honest, I’m just anxious that I’m going to have to stop and get a job, and that’s going to be really bad for my mental health. So, I figure, maybe just smoke less weed. No more daily wake and bake. Perhaps only smoke before I sleep. That’s the code red, smoke only before I sleep, because that’s what I really need it for. And for powwows at The Eagle’s Nest and brainstorming and at certain points of the writing and editing process and really I only need it to get out of bed and eat and digest food normally, really I only need it to function but that’s okay. It’s legal now and I can get it whenever I want, really. Plus, it’s one thing to buy only an eighth every week, I could that for a looooong time. I’ve been doing the lemme buy whatever i need to buy to be gifted a half ounce of your strongest stuff literally every single every week since The Great Revamp began. At one point I smoked the whole half in 4 days. I’m an animal, I’m, fuckin’, I don’t konw what I am. but here’s the thing:

this is actually the first time I’ve been in a position where I’m able to take a good look at the cannabis and perhaps set up some boundaries. I think I said that before The Great Revamp was done, but things are different now that The Great Revamp is done. Like, I took a morning hike and meditated in the woods this morning. That hasn’t happened in the fuckin’ longest. maybe smoking less is actually the answer. hm. we’re gonna have to see where this goes.

oh god, me and one of the other 2 guys just went down. it’s all up to purple now OH SHIT HE’S ON THE ROOFTOP

he got us up. HE GOT US UP. round 32

I have 24 revives and 3 downs

1,229 kills


we died. round 32. one guy had literally half as many kills as me and the other guy, not combined. we carried, is what I’m saying. whatever, it’s a video game

so yeah, tomorrow there might be a The Note, I don’t know. we’ll see. I have something bookmakery planned

yeah man I’m coughing a lot with this vape, fuck this shit. this only gives you THC, and smoking weed gives you a whole assortment of cannabinoids. it’s a lot more expensive but jesus christ this dab bullshit is bullshit, and do you know what we do about bullshit around here?

we ignore it. Wu Star Motel. Over the River. Good book. Bookmaker


so what? I don’t even know. a dab high isn’t even a fun high. like, what the fuck is this? I’m a human, i’m not some tech-sucking faggot who can’t keep a vape out of his mouth. I can’t be a joint-sucking faggot either, the writing is the center of all of reality and the weed is here because it helps me get the books made

but now that I’m no longer travelling back in time mentally working on all my past shit, ‘man… I don’t know how much I’m really gonna need the weed. like, I want it around, but…

of course, if the financial thing wasn’t a thing then I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with myself, but alas, ’tis, so I am, and you get to read it if you check out these posts


so I have a whole world built for this next novel. It’s going to be… it’s not a standalone book, I’ll say that. Not all of the world will be used in this first new W-666 book. I have something good planned, you can trust me on that. The plan is… so there are going to be 2 Reality books by the time the current season of content is done. Yeah, I like that, the current season. Commons season. THC season. Honestly I gotta look at everything I have going on before i tell y’all any more. The thing I’m doing tomorrow is kind of throwing me off.

So let me be official here: we are currently in between seasons. Actually… fuck it, season 1 hasn’t started yet. Yes. This has all been the preseason. The Highest One Writing, The Fall of the Seven Earths, The Great Revamp, fuckin’, all of it. Preseason. Bookmaking preseason. That’s how I like to go about it, as far as my projects go. Like, I come up with a complete huge story and then just do it one book at a time. Have a general idea of the big picture, no specifics until the time to uncover specifics comes about, and just take it one step at a time. One book at a time.

What I’m saying is, I’ve only just begun. Up until this point, I have been building everything I need to get started. Now, I’m ready to get started. May the books be made, amen.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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