Clavis – The Monksville Chronicles #123

Beachway: A stretch of sandy beach juxtaposed between two pieces of dry land; specifically, the landing point on Dino Island

Brushdwellers: Mammals, such as raccoons, who are not rodents

Chitter: A squirrel noise

Churr: Another squirrel noise

Chwirk: A nonthreatening hawk noise

Clavis: Glossary

Cycle: A year

Denizen: An animal

Diurne: A denizen who wakes during the day

Fishcatching: The mythological art of casting a line with a lure on the end into water and bringing a lakebreather up through the surface; purely fictional

Frawnk: A great blue heron noise

Giant: A semi-hairless bipedal creature which bears a curious resemblance to a sasquatch

Giantic: Of the giants

Glaired: Fastened to a surface via glair, a glue-like substance produced by crayfish to secure their eggs to the tail of the female

The Great Shine: The sun

The Great Spirit: The main deity worshipped by the giants; essentially the spirit of mother nature

Hanger: An angry version of hunger

Kee: A less threatening version of a kee-aww

Kee-aww: A threatening hawk noise

Kinnikinnik: A blend of herbs used for smoking

Lakebreather: A fish

Lakewalker: Any landwalking denizen who also fancies the water, especially The Eternal Mink

Landwalker: A mammal or land-based reptile

Metalworking: The giantic art of taking raw ore and melding it into useful tools like lures and hands

Mesingwe: A deity of the forest and protector of wild game, especially deer

‘Munkie: A chipmunk

Nocturne: A denizen who wakes during the night

Patagium: The thin flaps of skin which allow a flying squirrel to glide

Powwow: A giantic celebration in which the whole tribe gathers around a bonfire to smoke herbs and dance

Sandbaking: The giantic art of turning sand into glass

Sasquatch: You know exactly what this is

Schluup: The sound of a lakebreather swallowing its prey whole

Shinecycle: A day

Shinerays: Beams of sunlight

Shinerise: Sunrise

Shineset: Sunset

Small Giants: Giantic children

Smallbirds: Any wingflapper who doesn’t fit into the category of Bird of Lake nor Bird of Prey; cardinals, blue jays, robins and the like

Soulbride: The female of a soulpair

Soulgroom: The male of a soulpair

Soulpair: A pair of denizens, usually wingflappers, who mate for life

Squark: A gull noise

The Starpool: Outer space, seen as the night sky

Surfaceswimmer: Any lakebreather to swim near the surface where it may easily be caught, whether by wingflappers, landwalkers, or other lakebreathers

Wingflapper: A bird

Wingwalker: Any landwalking denizen who fancies the air, specifically Buggaboo the flying squirrel

Wrangler: Teacher of the small giants

This has been the second part of the second appendix of the book The Monksville Chronicles. Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Monksville Chronicles

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If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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