Tungstok | TBN 9-4-21

Bookmaking log: announcing Sto’tryp, a new novella coming soon | TBN +709 words

Before the normal hijinks begin, I’d like to announce that I’m making a novella. It will be called Sto’tryp, it will be the first book to take place in Universe W-420, and it will be arc II of The Here and Now. Working description: Tungstok “Rattlesnake” Thompson bryngs you along for a hike to birth a universe.

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

In other words, I’m The Bookmaker. Yesterday I went for an 11-mile hike, and during that hike, I wrote 14,000ish words. Those words, paired with 5,000ish that I previously had banked in The Playground, will come together to form a novella called Sto’tryp, and I’m excited about it! New book already, woo-hoo!

The writing phase isn’t quite complete, there is one chapter I decided I should write on the computer rather than on my phone as I was walking, because the portion of the trail… okay, so I broke the trail up and each portion is a chapter, and the chapter I have yet to write is the portion of the trail that runs along the road.

Now, I should be clear, this book is not a As my toe-shoe’d feet step carefully upon the rocky weathered trailhead, I take a deep breath of the woodland air around me and sigh. Clean, cool, crisp; a blue jay flies below the canopy overhead and a single feather jumps from its tail, flutters like a fallen leaf in the breeze, dances in the sunbeams breaking through from above. Oh yes, blue jay, it’s just you and me here today, and you’ve even given me a feather. For comfort, for warmth, to keep me company as I wander along these ancient paths… for all of this and more, I thank you. No.

No no.


Here’s a little excerpt:


See what I mean? I am capable of both ends of the spectrum, if you’ve read my writings you know it to be true, but after spending 4 months reliving all of my old work, you know what I don’t want to do? Hunker down and get myself right into the long-term process of creating and drafting a legitimate novel. You know what I did want to do? Smoke mad cannabis and hike through the woods and write a story pretending there’s unnamed “you” with me and that the Astral Gods are here too and so we have to deal with their psychotic asses whilst we wand’r these tortuous trail’…

And so I did. All ends of the spectrum here, whatever spectrum that may be. Speaking of the legitimate novel though, it is in the works – planning stage – and I haven’t dedicated myself to it fully yet because I wanted to do Sto’tryp first. So yeah, I’ll probably do a thing like this for the legitimate novel when I’m a little further along with Sto’tryp. Be patient. I know I made y’all wait years for me to fix myself to the point where I was comfortable coming back out into society, but uh… no need to be petty, folks. I’m here now, I’m not going anywhere.

I messaged my current cannabis gifting source on the ‘gram, but they didn’t get back to me. I think I’m gonna have to go to the shop regardless, as I am all out, and if you think I’m going to sit here and work on Sto’tryp without a healthy amount of cannabis to help me get it done the way I believe it needs to get done then let me tell you, you are out of your fucking gourd.

Then again… perhaps I’ll just suck on this dispo until i hear back, because I don’t really wanna be that guy, and I worked hard enough yesterday to justify the dedicating of today to getting this website updated, and also to another part of the bookmaking life I have been significantly shirking as of late: reading.

The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri. I think that’s where I’ll be for a little while.

Yeah, I think that’s where I’ll be.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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