Rock | TBN 9-7-21

Bookmaking log: wrote 2,334 words towards Sto’tryp; draft 21,678 total | TBN +1,188 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

JEsus fuhcking cHRIST the rock in my stomach right now. I woke up damp, noted reader, I woke up at 11something pm damp in my bed to the point where my sheets are now in the wash. And the rock, Christ, the rock! Let me give you a Bookmaker top tip here, folks, this is 110% real writing – do not eat a multigrain bagel with cream cheese right before you go to sleep. Don’t do it. If you do, there’s a chance you’ll wake up like me, with a goddamn rock in your stomach and enough pain to the point where bringing the sheets down into the laundry room was a literal trial.

It hurts all kinds of bad right now. JEsus. Got some mint ginger tea brewing, that is my natural stomach, uh… remedy? Cure. I brew the shit when I have a tummy ache, a’ight?

I hear the water hissing. Hold up

Good. Good! I mean, the physical pain of foodstuffs trapped in my gut isn’t great, but I just burped a couple times. That felt good. Probably the water helping out with that. The tea is helpful not because of any metaphysical stuff going on with the essence of the tea leaves (or maybe there is, who am I to say?) but because hot water tends to dislodge shit that may or may not be junking up a pipeline.


So I learned recently that humans, in the past, would operate on a biphasic sleep schedule. That stopped at some point, but uh, the way it worked was, essentially, humoy would sleep 4ish hours, wake up in the middle of the night for 1-3 and write, do chores (such as laundry), etc – before going back to bed. I wanted to give it a try because I do the Weekend Wednesday thing now and that seems to work great for me. But I wasn’t intending on jumping into it immediately. I fell a’slumb’r at around 7; it was 12:00 dead when I finally curlimped myself into the hallway, bent over like that one character from The 2020 Event | The Sideshows|, specifically the chapter Holidaze, story’s Memorial Day Weekend.

The way I’m looking at this tea is the way a lion looks at a fat boy from the other side of electrified fence: it’ll taste good, might even feel good, but it’s gonna get wayyyyy too hot to enjoy it if I go for it right now.

This is pain, ‘man. Shit. This might, uh, this might… what’s the word… this might… demand works, that’s not what I was thinking of though. Warrant, that’s perfect. Had to use a thesaurus, but guess what? As a species, we’ve evolved at least up to the point of using tools. So, why not?

Oh jesus, one of my burps just tasted like that fucking THC dispo. Ugh. Never again. Flower or nothing. Is better to walk barefoot than to travel in shoes made of dogshit, especially when there are cuts in your feet. The pain is coming in waves right now, it’s like the burps were only momentary relief, to lull me into a sick sense of false security, I am paying for my sins right now, straight up, I waited way too long to become The Bookmaker and now shit’s all spiney on this one specific night.

The tea is drinkable. Meaning, god decided to not be mad at me all of the sudden. There’s no physical reality, this is all an illusion. See, we actually live in a computer simulation that exists to test out what would life would be like if we really lived on the flat Earth with the ice wall and the dumbed-down populous, the whole bit. Yeah, ‘mans, life’s a simulation. Y’all got it. Y’all figured it out. Doesn’t mean shit, either… actually, you know what this means? Yeah, this means, fuckin’, this right here, this means that it’s time to find out what happens if the entire world finds out they’ve been lied to all at once about even the most basic facets of their reality!

Oh god, it’s a meltdown!

Oh god, they’re slaughtering each other! And now they’re eating the bodies! Straight for the cannibalism, huh? Kind’a… well that’s kind of telling, isn’t it? Huh. I wonder how they developed the AI for us to function here in this simulation. Did they take our consciousnesses and upload them here? Seems kind of pointless – why, if you’ve evolved to the point of figuring out consciousness, do you not just use the technology to save the planet? Why damn yourself to a harddrive and stick around to see the world crumble as it heals itself from the damage you caused whilst you don’t watch because you’re busy living your flat Earth simulife? Makes no sense to me.

Then again, it’s a completely hypothetical situation contrived by the bookmaker at some point between 12 and 1 am, mayhap it should not have made sense. Mayhap everything is exactly the way it should be at all given times no matter what. Maybe I planted this rock in my stomach to subconsciously throw myself into the biphasic sleep patterns of my ancestors. Maybe I ate before lying down for sleep because I was straight-up hungry and the bagel was the easiest option.

Oh, so Sto’tryp. Yeah I hit The Eagle’s Nest yesterday and stayed out for a few hours, typed at least 2k. Maybe 3. I don’t know. I’m… well I was squatting, but that got mad painful so now i’m sitting on my recliner, and I did the work on my old laptop that lags miserably but I keep around because it’s good for bringing out into the woods and also holding my large music collection. but uh, yeah, the document’s on that and I’m gonna put the word count up before I post it, obviously, I just can’t… I’m kind of immobile right now, it actually hurts to walk. This isn’t the first time in my life it has hurt to walk immediately after waking up, not even the first time such was caused by pain in my gastrointestinal area, but uh… it doesn’t feel good, folks.

I do feel tired, though. Will probably be going right back to bed when the washer and dryer are done with my bedding. Really looking forward to the shit I’m going to plunk between now and then. It’ll be a horrific experience for sure, but hey, at least I can say with actual honesty that I am not whatsoever turned on by human excrement.

And sometimes, that makes all the difference… fucking what? lmfao

But uh, yeah. Sto’tryp, Imma likely finish the writing for Sto’tryp after I wake up again. Meant to finish it yesterday but I was quite distracted by so many things that listing them would be a task. So, let’s finish this here.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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