public | TBN 9-18-21

Bookmaking log: Project R @ 4,497 words | TBN +481 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

The Hillside Commons is now officially a library. I made a content page and a creator page, put a picture of myself portraying myself, and also added a photography section. The Hillside Commons now does photography and books. Other artforms are probably coming in the future. One day at a time, y’know? The gallery i put up is only 12 pictures, I did no editing, literally drag and drop to imgur. It’s a hobby. I might make more galleries, I might not. Time will tell. I have a bunch of saved pictures so I probably will, but, y’know. time’ll tell

so Project R is going well. It’s going to be a novel, but I’m trying something new with it. I don’t remember how much I’ve talked about my copy of Ascending the Astral God in You, but the one I released publicly is roughly a third the length of the version I use. AAGY is meant for use by in-house The Hillside Commons creators and I’m trying to not talk a whole lot about it as far as specifics and details go, but uh, let’s, let’s uh, let’s say there are some templates in there. Book templates. It’s more than that, but yes, book templates. Project R is based on one of the templates, and that templated calls for the text to be divided into 9 parts. 3 of those parts are done. 6 of the parts are going to be shorter than 2, which will be shorter than one of them. And I’m not writing them in order. Technically.

Listen, all you need to know is I’m making progress. Work is getting done. the Sto’tryp proof copy is arriving Tuesday, allegedly, so I’m just going to do other stuff until then. I feel good about making this a library. It’s still an LLC, like, still a for-profit business, but make no mistake, this is a 100% public library. I offer 15 original books and 1 photo gallery, everything available for free, options to buy autographed copies of the books. I did away with the Support THC page, but I’m thinking I might put that back up. I kind of liked that thing

so it’s almost midnight, and I gotta get this up. tomorrow is Sunday, so there will be no The Note. Try to keep it together until then. Maybe read the fiction. Then you’ll start reading the fiction instead of this. Reading the fiction is a better expenditure of your time than reading The Note, in my opinion at least. Sleep well. Or don’t. I know I will, as I am The Bookmaker

and i still will be when I wake up

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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