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I’m going to be straight with you, there is not a lot of behind the scenesy Between the Lines stuff for Sto’tryp. Back in the Existence Prime days, I wrote a little manifesto called Boardtrip: Cans, Cannabis, and The Hillside Commons, and Sto’tryp is essentially an echo of Boardtrip.

Literally. Sto’tryp‘s backbook – and Sto’tryp is a novella, too, you bet your sunny buns it is – is not only hidden in the front of the book, but it’s also called Boardtrip II: Can, Na, and Bis, You Bitch! It’s filled with callbacks and references to my older stuff, but it’s still perfectly accessible to those of you who might be new to The Garden. Like, you gotta relaize, this is book 16 of a thing. The Garden contains everything I write about and Sto’tryp is book 16. SO… yes, some things might go over your head, but that’s just kinda how life is. Y’know? Like, the books existed before you got into them and they’ll exist after you get bored, die, or otherwise move on from them, and that’s okay. You don’t need to have a cultist-level understanding of the lore, that’s my job, all you need to do is buy the books and read the words and laugh when I say fuck 19 times on a single page.

But so for Sto’tryp… yeah, ‘man, there is not a whole lot to say. I literally drew a map and then went on the 11-mile hike and wrote Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 5. I wrote Boardtrip II about a week prior, and then did the majority of Sto’tryp in one shot, then did up the last chapter the next day. I did not plan it at all, aside from giving each Astral God domain over one part of the trail. I just hiked, smoked cannabis, and wrote what came to me. Boom. Sto’tryp.

I have never described one of my books like this before, but Sto’tryp is a romp. It’s a fast-paced novella, it’s psychephrenic gonzo through and through, it’s intense and fast and ridiculous, it’s just a romp, ‘man. I’m writing this at midnight because, even though Amazon has yet to give me the A-okay, and I have a feeling it’ll get rejected because Boardtrip II is in the front of the actual Sto’tryp part of the book, but we’ll see. Either way, the PDF is up, and if I need to update it, I will. Because, to quote the High God Tungstok himself, “…that’s just the kind of guy I am.”

Actually… yeah, this is probably worth mentioning. Actually, nevermind. Read the book, you’ll see what I was gonna say. But uh, some more lines for you to read between, Sto’tryp is my first book after finishing The Great Revamp. It’s the first actual new book I’ve put out since… February. Roughly. Crazy. But yeah, it was a lot of fun to write. Physically challenging, you bet, but a grand old time, and that’s just what I wanted. The Great Revamp was grueling and I was craving a quick, easy, not so serious but also a complete and total lore dump disguised as inane bullshit kind of project, and that’s exactly what Sto’tryp is. And i love ti for that. I really love it a lot.

I don’t plan on doing another W-420 any time soon to be perfectly honest with you, and Sto’tryp isn’t going to get a direct sequel, it’s just not that kind of book. But uh… yeah. Universe W-420 exists now. When you read you’ll see what I mean by this, but W-420 is a very specific universe that serves a very specific role in my bookmaking. I do not expect any W-420 books to spiral outside of The Here and Now, but that might change. Hell, I might give Sto’tryp a direct sequel. Like, I know I won’t, I actually started writing one, sort of. I was going to expand Sto’tryp and I wrote probably around 3,000 words and anyway, the point is I deleted it. Sto’tryp is perfect the way it is, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it if you check it out. Book #16, ‘man. That’s fucking wild. Imagine what number 32 is gonna be like lmao

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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