next one | TBN 9-23-21

CommonsLog: Project R @ 10,482 words | TBN +801 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

Just to clarify, yes, I announced a new book today and am already over 10,000 words into the next one.

Good session in The Writer’s Room today, looking to get a second one in tonight. Working on Project R, takes place in The Playground, a little suburb, a little district of Wuester called Shawson’s Bluff. Something strange is going on, I don’t think any of the residents know it. I think the residents are only there because of it, truth be told, because I am the Astral God of All and i do not remember assembling Shawson’s Bluff in The Playground. It’s not a bad district of the singularity point, not at all, and I’m having fun with Project R thus far.

But something strange is going on, that’s for sure.

I’m in the human’s body fully right now. we’re enjoying the falling of the rain. I’m thinking to myself, a lot of negative things, to be honest. It almost feels like a bunch of folks are sending me a bunch of negative energy. i swear to god, for some reason i constantly find myself in relationships where everybody around me subconsciously makes me the hatred scapegoat of their lives, like, friends, family, literally everybody. All i do is make books and generally keep to myself, it’s awesome. And they know it’s awesome.

Like I was saying… however long ago I was saying it, it’s Eve. She is literally blocking the world from accepting me on a subconscious level and I have done nothing to deserve it. I don’t understand.

Eve, I am writing to you directly. Get the fuck over yourself, let me live my life, let the humans just live their life. I have written 16 books for humanity, whatever misdemeanor i committed in the last life is definitely paid back by now. I deserve to be embraced by the community for all this good im working to inspire.

So stop living everybody else’s life and just live your own already. For everybody’s sake. Please.

Imagine if it’s not Eve lol. In Project R it’s not Eve. The one controlling Shawson’s Bluff, I mean. I thought it was her at first, but then I realized no, she’s still out in Reality making life hell for the human who i uh, who i commandeer to get my books to your Reality. Technically it’s an Existence, too, your Reality. Your reality. Different, but same in this context. You’d know what the hell I meant if you read Over the River.

Have you read anything but this? Yeesh, imagine passing on the rest of Hunter A. Wallace’s work and reading The Bookmaker’s Note instead. Christ, you’d be missing the whole point!

I’m grateful there are humans out there who vibe with what im doing, though. I recently sent The Fall of the Seven Earths down to florida, an old college friend decided to support the business and buy a signed copy. It doesn’t ta-… well, it probably took a lot of mental fortitude to overcome Bookkeeper Eve’s horseshit, but, y’know, comes with the territory, I guess. Still. Thankful for the dude and for all those like him. Thankful for you reading this, too. Like, I’ve been thinking about this, I am aware that i bitch and moan and generally bring the thunder when i sit down and get to it here on The Note, in fact i think it’s safe to say I behave in a way that makes me come off as mentally unstable, almost as if that’s the entire point of this blog series that is tagged as fiction and eventually released as a book, but in truth i am very thankful for everybody who checks my stuff out. I got a new WordPress follower today, and i appreciate that ‘man. i didnt follow him back because i post and ghost like a son of a bitch, i am not gonna read your blog, its just not something i do, but here is what i offer: the dopest fiction you’ll ever read, all 100% for free. if you can handle me not giving you a hollow follow, welcome aboard. Not the guy, the, the new follower. I know it seems like that’s directed at the new follower, might even feel like it to them if they read this, but it’s not. I am just swimming in the stream of consciousness, letting The Note happen and letting it flow.

And now, it appears, that the stream has come to an end. Remember: call the Astral Gods out on their bullshit and they will usually relent.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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