hobby | TBN 9-24-21

CommonsLog: new photo gallery Thro’bac’ Stro’ added to library | TBN +645 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

I gotta be honest, for an Astral God of All, I sure did spend zero time in The Garden today. Well, not zero time. I’m here now. For the majority of the day I was out in Reality walking the human. See, while my main reason for existing is bookmaking, the arcane art of making the book, that is, I also enjoy other creative pursuits. Photography is one such pursuit I enjoy. I’m allowed to have a hobby, you know. The fact that I sit at the actual top of the Spectrum of Consciousness means nothing, I’m still alive. I still have time to spend lol

So anyway, yeah, took a good stroll down to Roomy Mine, I used to go there a lot so it felt like a throwback. It’s an actual abandoned mineshaft, goes at least a hundred feet back into the planet. Pitch black. Makes for a hell of a natural hotbox, too. Smoking deep in a cave is one of the most human things I have ever done, and I’d highly recommend it for those who’ve not had the balls to look into doing so.

Not that I did that today, of course. No, just look at the photos in the gallery. The mine is closed for bat hibernation, has been since September 15th. One week ago those fuckers flew in with their proportionately tiny suitcases and neckties and collars despite a lack of shirt for those collars to be attached to, some of them have eyeglasses, bifocals to be exact, and damn near all of them have hats. Some fedoras, some bowler caps, some thatch sunhats. There were so many of them that I didn’t go into the actual shaft, I couldn’t go into the actual shaft, they were packed tight enough to construct a wall! Like, it might feel like I’m bullshitting you, me writing all of this like this, but I actually didn’t go into the shaft and smoke a bomber back there. I went into the main open chamber to get the sweet chimney picture and then I climbed out and climbed up top and got some pictures of the, of the, the uh, the little outcrop thing, look in the photo gallery you’ll see what I mean. I upload them via Imgur and then hyperlink them to my website, look at me speaking all technical, java and Pylon the Python and the whole shtick, I don’t even know what day it is lmao

So uh, yeah. New photo gallery. I didn’t wind up doing that second session in The Writer’s Room last night, but uh, the night is young and I have plenty of weed, so… we’ll see! Truth be told I’m not in a rush to get this next stuff done. Project R is coming along real nice, and I’ll probably start in on Project P at some random time that I can’t possibly predict, these things happen on their own accord, I’m a translator and nothing more

Speaking of which, you know how I’ve been saying that it feels more like I’m translating my fiction than actually writing it literally ever since I started writing? Well I’m reading a novel right now called Alif the Unseen and it’s about arabs and djinns and stuff and apparantly, there is a thing about djinns using humans to translate their stories

as is, in the mythos of humanity, there are records of higher beings using humans to translate higher knowledge through stories



weird, uh

weird how that works

friendly reminder: my name is Bookmaker Adam the Form of Being, Astral God of All, Existence Incarnate


Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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