bon voyage | TBN 9-28-21

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• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

I’m on the cusp, noted reader. Before I embarked on the Sto’tryp adventure and the following toxicity fiasco that required Project R, I did a good chunk of worldbuilding in Universe W-666, also knows as The Endless Wood of The Hillside Commons. It’s an endless fantasy forest, it’s a literal expanding planet, it’s the center of its universe, and in The Face of Fear, I explored the endless wood for the first time with Albey the Mad Poet, and in my opinion, it was extraordinary.

TFoF left Albey dead and revived and meditating on a rock waiting for his enemies to find him in his crystal cabin in the center of the burnwood island surrounded by the Ouroboros River. Little did Albey know – well, he had something of an idea from that Ape’Man Log he found under the bed when the cabin was still the original burnwood cabin – the island and the river and even the entire patch of burnwood trees is but a small acre of a much larger acre – hah, see what I did there? wrodbedninng – of the endless wood

Look, I’m not trying very hard to say something, and that something, is, this,,,: many moons ago the land shifted, creating a valley with flat craggy edges. In the back of the valley is a spring which waterfalls into the splashpool of a river that encircles a small hunk of land and then rejoins to flow away. Before Albey discovered the bigfoot creatures that would ultimate slaughter him so he could be revived the next day, he wondered what might wait for him were he to wander up the river and go looking, if there might be a small logging community where he might rest and heal until he had strength enough to work in the mills. Would you like to know why he wondered that? Like, that specifically? Not because he was desperate for survival and/or an escape from his life, not because TFoF was written by Sidney Blake, a resident of Logger’s Pond, not because all Albey wanted after the death of his friends was a place to start over, start new, start fresh, it’s because I am The Bookmaker and I was trying to foreshadow this next shit I’m about to do.

So look. Or listen, if you prefer me to speak in metaphors. If you’re not reading this on my website, then go to my website. If you’re there already, go to the Creators page. You will notice that it is just me there – a crying shame, I know; crying damn shame that nobody but me has the balls to dedicate their life to The Hillside Commons – and then you’ll click on the Bibliography link because I’ve sent you on a mission and you will do as I say!

So, on the bibliography page, you will scroll all the way to the bottom and see that I have displayed the Season 1 schedule. First, if you saw the schedule in that post from a while ago and memorized like a good noted reader, you might notice that I’ve added an extra Existential Spirals book. This is because, with the various backbooks I plan on putting into the backs of the various books i’m making this season, there will be an entire third spiral outside of Planewalkers and Novelwriter.

Yes, I am confirming this: The focus of the books I’ve laid out for TBN Season 1 will be to complete both the Planewalkers spiral and the Novelwriter spiral. And that third mystery spiral I’ve now told you about. And, there’s also going to be a new entry in The Here and Now. If all goes according to plan, anyway. If me saying that causes you to feel a little bit of doubt, then good. At this point, I’m convinced that humans who doubt me, as in The Bookmaker, are just stupid. You can doubt the human if you want, but uh, he’s literally me, just… fractionally. Y’understan’?

What I’m saying is that if you’re not with me then you’re a meathead and I don’t have time for you lmao, I have a Library of Tungstok to build. And I am a-buildin’ away!

Which is why I’m writing this now instead of later. No rendition of The Note tomorrow – I have to say, the whole Weekend Wednesday thing is actually a grand way to do things – so until then, I’m trying to spend as little time in Reality as possible

bon voyage, my ‘mans

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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