thinking | 9-29-21

CommonsLog: banked 1,288 words of fiction in The Endless Wood | TBN +299 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

so i’m thinking, right: The Note is the second greatest shit on the internet. The first is the rest of my writing, obviously, but here’s the thing: lately, The Note has been taking priority

Here’s the thing about the thing: thing

also, another thing

so I do The Note five days a week, right? so I’m thinking all day about what I’m gonna do for The Note, what am I gonna say to spread my love into the world, how can I light up somebody’s day? Oh, I know! Pretend I’m furious at the world for convincing me not to kill myself and be psychotic!

Listen, I really love doing The Note, it’s great and all, and I like being able to share my writing, and… look. I am focusing on The Note more than I am my other books, so I’m’a gonna have to chill with it a little bit. Because, see, The Note is not the focus of The Hillside Commons, nor of The Bookmaker, nor of Hunter A. Wallace. It’s really something for me to do when I have literally nothing else to do. It basically just makes sure I write something every single day, and, like… how fucking long are you gonna leave the training wheels on, y’know what I mean?

So… effective immediately, I am reversing The Note‘s distribution cycle. The blog posts will now go up every Wednesday and Sunday, and the book-only posts will be written every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And that’s what the fuck it is.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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