Mountain | Sto’tryp #11

Boardtrip II
Can, Na, and Bis, You Bitch!

• • •

The canopy thickened up, but now there is no canopy. Big gap in the trees. Massive boulder, the shit is bigger than my entire studio apartument and it’s sitting on top of this mountain… would you like to explain that to me? Well I wouldn’t! You don’t fuckin’ know any better than I do!

We leave the boulder and the canopy thickens back real nice. Crickets, cicadas, all chirping and screech’. The brambles and bushes scrape our pantlegs like miserable streetcorners… except these dead bushes once bore fruit.

Though we walk this wood’ without a path beneath our feet, we are guided by the call of the wind, the stench of weed, the promise that we might climb our mountain and burn our bush and mayhap even talk to god.

I look up from my single piece of looseleaf paper and have no idea where the fuck we are.

“Hey!” I call out.

You look at me.

“When did we climb a fuckin’ mountain?”

Not four seconds later I’m off walking in a different direction. You physically cannot catch up fast enough and hah, I get here before you.

This has been the eleventh subchapter of Boardtrip II: Can, Na, and Bis, You Bitch!, which is hidden in the front of the book Sto’tryp. Here is everything you need to know about it:


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