clean slate | TBN 10-5-21

CommonsLog: got the fuck off that one specific social media ‘site | TBN +767 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

Hello, noted reader! After months of subterfuge and undercover work posing as a son of a bitch who’s desperate enough to go marketing on Fakebook, I have officially disconnected the library from Fakebook. Technically I still have an Instagram, but as far as the writing goes, Fakebook can go fuck itself! We are back to WordPress and only WordPress and I could not be happier, the freedom I feel is incredible! It’s like I’ve exorcised a whole second demon! I’m currently still on Fakebook, like, as I write this, and I am also in the process of organizing all the blog posts. I see folks reading the blog posts sometimes, so I fixed the categories section of my website and I’m going to start tagging them better. Just gonna put more effort into what I’ve got instead of branching out and doing more, as far as social media goes. As far as writing goes… well, I’m workin’ lol, but yeah, social media I’m chilling the fuck out and focusing on the WordPress and the Instagram, and I’m only doing the Instagram so the WordPress followers have some pictures to look at!

This started on WordPress, this is where the heart of this operation is! YOU ARE MY NOTED READERS AND I SEE THAT NOW! I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKI

i was thinking money, look, we’re all ‘mans, we all need it, and I’ve done so much work that I feel as though I deserve it, and that, watch this, is okay, hard stop.

Ah Christ, boi do I need some undying and cult-like readers who are down to buy some Squirrely Tier books. Noted reader, do you have any idea how happy I’m going to be to ship out my first Squirrely Tier order? The signature is different for each tier, like, the Cost tier is just For Your Name, then my scribble, but the Kind tier includes a little message, Generous is a little extra, Altruistic is something special, and then Squirrely I scratch the shit out in pencil lookin’ like my middle name is Owens lmfao, it’s great, it’s a fantastic system for fans of literature, I am not your dad fellow fictioneers but your fuckinG grandpa, I am dedushka on your writerbee asses, a’ight, I invented this species specifically to write, I am The Bookmaker in human form!

The Library of Tungstok is open, you punk motherfuckers! Clean slate – family, friends, every human being on the entire planet, clean slate! Unless you owe me a book! I know of one guy specifically who owes me a trilogy! But unless you’re one of, like, I don’t know… 6? specific human beings, clean slate! – and the library is open for business!

And that means I want some goddamn outside submissions! The first one would have to be significant, though. They all need to be significant, but, you know what i mean. I don’t want your bullshit unless it has been extensively refined. I can pull off 3 drafts, but I’m The goddamn Bookmaker, see, I do what I want.

But uh… yeah. The plan is to have other human beings, as many human beings as possible, contribute work to the library, and it needs to be good work. The Library of Tungstok can only be called The Library of Tungstok if the name is backed up with a catalog of work that, frankly, is irreplicatable. Or irreplaceable, as the autocorrect is urging. Same thing, yeah? Yeah. But uh, if you want to add your work to The Hillside Commons, put it together in full and be prepared to release it for free, just like I do with all of my work. I am not asking any more from you than I ask from myself, so if you can’t handle it, let go. Let go and fall. Fall so you might get back up and climb again.

The next version of me is probably going to be a normal and functional member of society, and I say that to say this: there will never be another me. And, furthermore, I’m not going anywhere… so when you hear my voice in your ear late at night urging you to read the writing of Hunter A. Wallace, to engross yourself fully in The Hillside Commons and everything it has to offer…

…you should cufking LISTEN!

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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