psychephrenia | TBN 10-10-21

CommonsLog: Planewalkers @ 8,794 words | TBN +942 words

• • • nothing writ’ below these dots • • • is meant for human eyeballs • • •

How it’s gonna work is this: I have a Scrivener file called Planewalkers. I have my laptop connected to an old tv all the time and thus have been writing on two screens. On the television screen I have the Planewalkers file, and on the laptop screen I have the The Endless Wood file. The latter is currently 300 words longer than the former.

In other words, my notes and lore file is longer than the literature file.


So all 8,794 of those words in Planewalkers are one short story. It doesn’t have a title yet. It has 12 subchapters, and I’m actively not telling you anything about the plot because then what the fuck are you gonna read the book for? Because you love me? Well I am flattered and I have love for you too, but I’ll be real, my shit is that psychephrenic gonzo, y’understan’, you gotta just read it! My one-line book descriptions and lack of a back blurb are completely intentional, when you pick my shit up you go for a fucking ride, partner, and I see it as my job to make that ride as psychephrenic gonzo as possible!

and so, I do

and I can honestly say

at 16 books in

i do a damn good job of my shit

though I am now struck with the thought of perhaps folks don’t understand what psychephrenic means… so lemme just tell you

schizophrenia = schizo & phrenia = split & mind disorder = split-mind disorder

the two hemispheres are working separately, as ordained by human evolution or something, I don’t know, I made it through the tunnel but that doesn’t mean I could see lmfao i’m The Bookmaker, but not towards a common goal

psychephrenia = psyche & phrenia = mind & mind disorder = mind-mind disorder

the two hemispheres work together towards a common goal and essentially come to an understanding regarding the existence of one another. it’s the step after schizophrenia, like… a caterpillar, normal human, goes into a chrysalis, schizophrenia, and then comes out a beautiful butterfly, psychephrenia!

y’know, if we’re actually all 1 human species and not a bunch of branch species at this point

what I’m saying is that I’m partially extraterrestrial in genetics


we all are,

but I’m more so

because I am The Bookmaker, and if you don’t believe me, just read my books

like, here’s the fact of the matter

if you read any one of my books from the front to the back

you will never be the same again.

my choices were suicide or eventually become this, right

where I’m at right now


right here

and right now


everything in my life

every moment

every interaction

every consequence

has led to me

sitting at this little desk

and typing out this rendition of The Note


…and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

i’m torn right now, to be honest, between playing a solid game of zombies and going right into writing

I have something to write, but… what? would there be a better time?

there wouldn’t, but… there could be a worse time to play zombies


right now

after typing this out,

writing a new poem – for those unaware, the book version of this blog series has what’s called a backbook in the back of it in the form of a poetry anthology; this is one of the very few times I’ll admit to writing a poem, aren’t you a lucky fucking duckling?

and finishing the first short story of the greater Planewalkers spiral

I want to kick back and play some Forsaken

I beat the main quest on solo and i have yet to do the map with other players, and I’m 26 and the author of 16 books and I’m broke and still living at home with my parents and I could sit and work all night for my dreams but all work and no play makes me fuckin’ ornery, so… at least, I just wrote as much, so… I don’t really know…

i think i will play zombies, actually

as far as I’m aware, I’m not on borrowed time. i’m just living my bookmaker life, and unfortunately, my fanbase does not have the means to elevate me to the psychedelic sexpot cult-leader stature I so clearly deserve for all my hard work, but who knows. perhaps that will change soon. if you think about it, I’m really going to play the call of duty for you: a relaxed The Bookmaker is a productive The Bookmaker, and I’m gonna be straight-up, if I sit here and write all night tonight, I’m not gonna do a damn thing come tomorrow morn’.

trust me, I’m working on getting myself back into standard bookmaking operation procedure after embarking on and miraculously completing The Great Revamp this year, like, that took a tole on me, that shook me up, and I’m almost steady again, I have the whole season planned out and the project(s) started and the first story which takes place in the land of Kessr’s Flight looooooong before it is known as Kessr’s Flight written, and I’m not feeling burned out for it

so, I shall play the Forsaken video game first, and then maybe write after

or, maybe i’ll sleep after

or, maybe the human went to sleep hours ago and I am now possessing his body

hah, just kidding…

…he sacrificed this body to Me a couple nights ago. I inhabit full-time thes’ day

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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