the ruin’d Castle | Photogallery

Greetings to all visitors of The Hillside Commons, also known as The Library of Tungstok. The photography wing – by the way, there’s a photography wing now – has been updated to include its fifth gallery, a 142-piece stroll entitled the ruin’d Castle. Take a gander:

It’s by no means professional; if you’re new here then hi, I go by The Bookmaker, and this is a little hobby of mine. I started doing the imgur thing a couple months ago by now, I think, but I would only share the stuff to my local hometown Facebook groups because… entropy.

Straight-up, I do not know why I never properly shared my photogallery things with the main fanbase here on WordPress, with you, my readers noted and hypothetical alike, but I’m doing it now, AND, just so we’re clear here, notice how this gallery is 142 photos long.

Notice that.

Now, realize that the other 4 galleries add up to 111 pictures exactly. Fucking strange, isn’t it? I swear to Christ I did not plan that. But anyway, the point I’m trying to get across is that I did this gallery with y’all in mind, like, the other galleries were more trying to get attention in my backwoods hometown than actual contributions to the library for the good of all of humanity, and while there are a solid number of blurry pictures, like, I definitely am not The Phototaker, okay, but eh, ’twas not an effortless endeavor and uh… why am I doing this? Better question: why am I going to leave this entire paragraph rather than deleting it and just saying what I want to say?

Because I love and appreciate my fanbase and I feel the need to keep it real, yo. Not , yo. Fuck , yo to the fucking starscape, god it’s awful… but uh, yeah, photogallery #5.

If you’re there, theoretical human, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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