The Maker’s Corruption

This place has been dead for the past half a year. Roughly. That’s partially my bad.

See, The Garden has been in a state of… well, She hasn’t been in any state. That’s the problem. Up until this point, the story of The Garden has been about an alternate reality called The Garden and the unstable nutbar who writes about Her. The last book ended with said nutbar taking a walk through the woods so he could shoot himself in peace, and The Garden went along with him. After 15 main story books and 3 supplementary pieces, Existence fell unto darkness and took all the Astral Gods with Her. The Garden… was destroyed.


The new book is called The Maker’s Corruption. It holds the story of the beginning of reality. The Garden has returned, and that’s all She has to say for now. Make sure you get your copy (:

The Maker’s Corruption

A novelette containing the story of the beginning of reality.

  • Revision date: July 05, 2022
  • 66 pages | 14,791 words

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