Moving Forever Forward

The ‘Brary has expanded its bookmaking capabilities.

In the past, my work was bound to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon was my sole printer and major distributer, which means I had to coordinate my output around their system, which made for no less than nineteen very sloppy releases and an unfathomable number of rereleases and headaches and just, honestly, it was a mess.

Today, I’m happy to say that mess has been tidied.

Going forward, rather than relying solely on AKDP to print and distribute my books, I will be using both AKDP and an independent printing company called Mixam. The Amazon side of things will not change at all – the books will still be available physically and digitally through the world’s largest online retailer, don’t you worry – but The ‘Brary side of things, well… now, rather than selling Amazon author copies with a barcode slapped unto my defenseless back cover, obscuring what may be the most important part of the fucking design, I will be selling beautiful barcodeless Mixam-made copies. Now, I’ll be able to walk around my city and intimately distribute copies of my books on release day. Now, I can function independently both as an artist and as a business, which is something I’ve been wanting to attain for as long as I’ve been making books.

These changes apply only to books included in Epoch II and Epoch III of The Garden. The books from Epoch I will remain barcode bound, mostly to stay true to the canon. If you purchase through Amazon the price will be significantly cheaper, but it will have a barcode and it will not come directly from me. Options, baby. The Library of Tungstok.

Thank you. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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