THC #5: Living Sound

episode 5

This one comes with a read-along. Here’s that for you:

DinnerDuck vs. Tie-Dye Cat: a depressed spirit’s perspective on the relationship between Hunter and Travis. DinnerDuck represents Travis, Tie-Tye Kitty represents Hunter, and the spirit – a living sound or dinn – capitalized its name to break the umpteenth wall. After the point at which it reveals itself, the story becomes less a metaphor and more an attempt to scare Hunter in to thinking Travis is trying to encroach on his apartment and take it over because the spirit thinks it is smarter than Hunter. Which, consequently, it is not, as Hunter is Bookmaker Adam.

The logic came to present, then went into a future. A future.

• • •

It was like the korean war, but with a cat and a duck. A stalemate that would last for months and months. The entirety of the homestead was distraught from DinnerDuck’s continued persistence and unmistakable chaos, the only one who could rival intellectually, or emotionally is Tye-Tie Kitty.

Encroachment of the western front from DinnerDuck’s end was quite a stir as Tie Tye plshed back whenever she could. Nearing the fences on the northwest front, and the wheat fields on the southeast front. But the due was yards connecting the furthest houses was easy pickin’s.

Tye tie attempted a blunt force attack

DD held the central yard and occasionally terrorized both sides

Tie Tie slowly discovered DD’s weakness and messed w/ his nesting place hidden in the barn all snug and full of utter shit

DD defecated all over her favorite chill spots for 3 weeks straight to prevent tie tie from spying and scoping out dinner duck. Both seem to be trying to waste each others time but what really happemed is that Dinn just waste all over the place. Tye Tye looked and pondered from her non pooey non worn in lookout and regcognized that this could go on for some time and retreated to her furthest yard for a while.

Tye Tye pondered for some time considering most forms of punishment for this level of trangression. She had indeed concluded that full on war was nessicery. She fucking attacked hellen, swatted right at her scratching all up and getting her garden fucked with. Not enough to get Tye Tye in huge trouble but enough get a scold talking too. Hellen gave dinner less food because the garden had less to give. Dinner.. Was upset.

Not one being would be grave and ill guided as tie tie was that day. Such a foolish undertaking aling her livlihood with the obvious error. Dinner began one morning with one loud continuous monotone honk, the war cry of his people. Slowly and surely he approached snount down and consnant pace he required payment, a ballance in the books if you will.

The honk only concluded with what would be descibed as a pained scream, another deaffening tone for the masses. leslie was knocked down immeadiently and what can only be described from the scars is that the markings all were un symetrical. Full of mallace and grit, torn sinew and callaced over time. No further description of the scenario was required, it was brutal. After due consideration tie tie and dinner let it alone with dinner holding more ground upon our backyrad as a result.

Brutal but defining boundries

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