The Maker’s Corruption

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The Maker’s Corruption

a novelette holding the story of the beginning of reality

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| Revision Date: July 08, 2022 |

| 68 pages | 14,806 words |


First, there is Nothing.

A boundless expanse of lightless space stretches from one end of infinity to the other, engulfing all there’s not in an inky, ubiquitous blackness.

This dark realm is The Void, and from it, two deities are born: Almighty Boul and Almighty Sody, The Void incarnate en the dual forms of being.

• •

From the center of reality an astronomic flash of light blooms outwards into the infinite darkness, giving birth to twin deities of white.

Though neither have faces of discernable feature, the smile of one warms the other.

…from unending darkness unto infinite light; thus there is Everything, the white realm of The Shore, incarnate en Midy and Bond.

• • •

The Incarnates of The Void spot the smallest dot of a breathtaking white light…

…and in The Shore, the Incarnates spot distant blackness…

…when the border between the two Planes are found, each Incarnate is met by their equal…

A paradoxical flash of light and dark marks the genesis of Something: Wæ-Plæ§, the nebulous Plane of gray.

• • •

Reality is young, my First Son of The Shore. Much work is still to be done.’








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