it is
to hate
for hate takes energy
requires and takes
spews and wastes
disgusts with distaste
mental image of a face
that you curse and spit at
that you squint your eye at
that you threaten and belittle
behind The Mongrel’s back

it is
to hate
especially someone like me
Infinity in the flesh
whose worst is your best
whose work is a vest
who sockets for the plugs
your soul rots in my pocket
i’m the salt, you’re a slug

it is
to expend
your energy, your Soul,
your Spirit on others
whom you will never see again
never speak to again
never share a space of air
a sip of water
acre ‘land
a puff of smoke
off a fat-ass joint
of the most potent fire
you’ll not again breathe
with me.

since you’re here, do me a favor:
when i show up in your dream
simply wave hello
and try not to scream

A li’l’ poem I did up when I was driving around this morning. Haven’t fucked with the poem in a while, glad to get back to it! New Commcast tonight, new book out soon, uh… yeah!

From this day on, we move forever forward~

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