Psychephrenia: A Thought On Psychedelics, Schizophrenia, And Society At Large | Lyme-Brained Excerpt

A Few Steps Back

Psychedelic drugs, no doubt, have long-term effects on one’s body and mind if one takes them repeatedly over any amount of time. When one consumes a Psychedelic drug, their endogenous neurotransmitters are replaced by Mokshatransmitters (Psychedelic neurochems) that, from the spirit’s perspective, alter perception. From the perspective of the body, however, certain specific neurotransmitters (it depends on the certain specific variety of Moksha Medicine consumed) are not being recepted. To correct for this, the body ups production of said neurotransmitters, essentially speeding up the brain – and thus the body itself – in the process.

Many think there are three pillars to existence – mind, body, and soul. But the thing is, only two of these actually exist: the body, which is literally the body, and the soul, the perception, the thing behind the scenes making everything work. That leaves the mind; ready for the kicker? What humans refer to as the mind – the ego, the individual “I” – is literally just the perception of the brain by the soul. It is not its own entity, it simply does not exist. When one takes Psychedelics, as stated earlier, it speeds up the body and thus the spirit’s perception of the body and the brain, causing them to go through thought processi (among other neurological processi) faster. This leads one to come to conclusions about their surroundings at an unprecedented rate, or at the very least, at a faster rate than one is used to, eventually getting to the point that one automatically jumps to conclusions before one can fully perceive the given situation.

This is schizophrenia, or rather, what we refer to as schizophrenia. It is not a disease, it is what happens when the brain operates too quickly for the spirit to handle. This leads to one operating at a higher level of consciousness; the faster the brain works, the faster it perceives its surroundings and reacts – the faster it exists, so to speak. This higher state of existence, or level of consciousness, may be very different compared to that of the organisms coinhabiting an environment with the so-called schizophrenic. This difference, once realized by the surrounding coinhabitants, can lead to two outcomes for the schizophrenic: either adoration or admonition.

As human beings, we are reflections of everything around us; when a schizophrenic is adored, they have the potential to evolve into a higher being of sorts – a witch doctor, a reverend, a shaman, what have you. When a schizophrenic is admonished, however, they have the potential to evolve, or rather devolve, into a terrifying, hateful, painfully isolated (and sometimes violent) monster; in other words, our current society’s view of what a[n unmedicated & abused] schizophrenic is: the worst-case scenario for everyone involved.

The practice of taking Psychedelics, of ingesting the Moksha Medicine, does, undeniably, encourage schizophrenia; it causes the brain to speed up and work faster… work better, some may even say. The negative effects which are all too often observed, however, have nothing to do with the Psychedelic compounds themselves; these negative changes in a human’s being are the result of the way the taker is perceived and interacted with. If the taker is encouraged, they can reach truly limitless levels of higher consciousness, but encouragement is only part of it. The consciousness must be given a chance to get used to its upgraded body; this is done by meditating, by mindfully and deeply breathing, by allowing the spirit time to familiarize itself with its new settings. However, current society “frowns upon” one existing for oneself, one dedicating time to oneself for the sake of self-improvement rather than the sake of societal improvement. In this way, we have entered into a brave new version of our world, one prophesied by a man called Aldous Huxley, though our brave new world is significantly less efficient than his, and significantly more… crazy.

Yes, society itself is schizophrenic in that physically – in body – it has been upgraded to the point that the humans – the spirit – cannot keep up. Our creation is better, faster, stronger, and smarter than we are. That aggravates us and causes us to destroy it by not putting our best effort forward as we further upgrade because frankly, we don’t know what to do anymore.

We must take a few steps back and breathe to allow the body and the spirit – the Earth and the humans – to come back into balance and equilibrium in order to make our minds – our society – less crazy, because our crazy society is not the big problem. It is a symptom of the big problem. To treat the disease in the system we must hit the problem at its source – the war on drugs.

Society is at a point where its progenitors are no longer capable of properly caring for it. It cannot run by itself – not yet, the artificial intelligence isn’t that advanced yet, it can’t be, I’m still alive after all, if there was an artificial intelligence out there trying to take over the world it would be aware of me, it would see me as a threat – so we cannot turn our backs on it, but we must take a few steps back, we must end our war on drugs, we must prepare our doses, and we must take our medicine. We must eat, smoke, and be merry, and we must meditate so our spirits may ascend to the high level we’ve built our society up to. Then, we will keep going, we’ll stay a few steps back and stay eating, stay smoking, we’ll keep meditating and we’ll keep ascending and we’ll keep upgrading society and it’ll be heaven, we will create heaven on Earth, we will go from Brave New World to Island, we can even go there overnight if we try hard enough, but we can’t just run and do it.

First, we must eat, smoke, and be merry.

First, we must meditate and ascend.

First, we must take a few steps back and breathe…

…or must we?

Always liked this piece. Fits the project really well. A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game is a novel – or novelette, if you like wordcount – presented in the form of a poetry collection. As the book proceeds, the author – the main character of the piece – travels deeper and deeper into his psyche until he has a conversation with the voice in his head, and then the story keeps going!

Hope y’all have a lovely day. Stay golden!

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