The Hillside Commons is the doing business as name of Repurpp LLC, the one-man show of bookmaker Hunter A. Wallace. The focus here is selling old stuff, making new stuff, and selling that too. Below is a breakdown of the website:

  • Books
    – Here you’ll find my books, of which there are two kinds: Existence and Reality
    – Existence books are works of fiction organized into overarching stories called spirals. Each spiral has a page with more information about its books, and each book has a page set up so you can read the text 100% for free (:
    – Reality books are, at this point, a pipe dream. More on these when the dream comes true
    Amazon Pricing
    —— Amazon eBooks @ $1+ $0.50/10,000 words
    —— Amazon Paperbacks @ $0.00 royalties/copy
  • Blog
    – Here you’ll find my blog posts, of which there are three categories: Writings, The Bookmaker’s Note, and Books/Other Announcements
    Writings includes sections of my books. These go up daily so long as I have something to go up
    The Bookmaker’s Note is a series I do. These go up daily, barring Wednesdays and Sundays
    Books and Other Announcements is basically everything else
  • Shop
    – Here you’ll find the rePurpp Catalog. Everything listed is available for sale at the listed prices. Click what you want to buy to be taken to a payment screen with a price breakdown
    – I ship from New Jersey with USPS and generally keep things within the US only. For shipping outside of the US and/or bulk orders, please email me before you order
    – Your book will be signed For <Name>, with my signature below. I will use the first name from your shipping address. If you want it signed for a different name, please email me before you order
    – The books are printed when they are ordered and I order in bulk to keep costs as low as possible. If a book’s stock is 00 you can still order it, but there will be a shipping delay. By ordering an out of stock book, you will spare the next however many hypothetical readers who want to order that book after you from the shipping delay. Good karma, ‘man.
  • Contact
    – This should be self-explanatory.

Thanks for stopping by. From this day on, we move forever forward~