Hello hypothetical reader. My name’s Hunter A. Wallace. I’m a bookmaker.

This is The Hillside Commons, the website I set up so the books I make have a place to live. If you found this page you’re clearly capable of navigating a website, but I’ll explain how it works anyway; aside from this page, there are also four other pages.

  • On the Books page you will find a list of my books, plus links to read them for free, to buy autographed copies directly from me, and to buy standard copies from Amazon.
  • The Shop page is not a page but an extraneous e-commerce website called rePurpp which functions as the official store of The Hillside Commons.
  • On the Blog page you will find an announcement post of some sort and below that the rest of my blog, which is primarily sections of my books.
  • I don’t need to explain the Contact page.

That’s pretty much it.

Be well~