What It Is

The Hillside Commons, also known as The Library of Tungstok, is an independent publishing label. The central work, The Garden, is an ongoing three-part literary epic which incorporates elements from myriad genres of the written word. Epoch I, titled Schizophrenia, makes particular use of the meta-fiction and psychological horror genres – some entries are written with the intention of seeming life-like, and some passages are written to be intentionally disturbing. The project is 100% fiction in nature regardless of the entry you’re reading, and any similarities to reality which are not coincidental are done en artistic bend.

Before You Buy

If you buy a book through The Library, there will potentially be a 1-2 week delay between your placing of your order and my shipping of your book. This hypothetical delay may arise from me placing an order with a printing company and them fulfilling my order, which is necessary for me to fulfill your order. Thank you in advance for understanding, you’re lovely.

Also, if you’re looking to place a large order, you’re best to shoot me an email detailing what you want, where you want it, and how fast you want it to get there. That way, I can give you a significantly more custom price.

Where It’s From

A little bit about me and what I have movin’ here: my name is Hunter, I make all the books and write all the tales. The Garden came to me in 2017 shortly after I withdrew from college during the back half of my junior year. I was studying business at the time, that was my first semester after switching from two and a half years of psychology and uh, see, it wound up being my last semester as well. It wasn’t the grades, I just felt as thought I had gained what I was going to gain from the experience and wanted to put my energy elsewhere, specifically towards the arts of fiction and storytelling and making in general.

I started with a small collection of interconnected short stories which eventually led to a self-help book, a travel novella, a poetry collection, aliens doing psychedelic drugs, an animate running shoe, multiple universes floating throughout Existence with a capital E, and a character named Hilter Odolf Williamson. That’s Chapter I of Epoch I, a story about a reality called The Garden and the guy who goes nuts writing about it, aptly titled Schizophrenia. At fifteen main entries and three supplementary pieces, I can proudly say that Epoch I is complete and Epochs II and III are under way. Epoch II will consist of the origin story for The Garden and all Her Astral Gods, and Epoch III will be a veritable cornucopia of strange and Existential fruits and vegetables and whatever else The Garden decides to produce as the pages turn and the books all fill up the shelves.

Some of that’s a lie, so here’s the truth: my name is Bookmaker Adam.

Thank you for your interest in my work, sincerely. Feel free to hit me via the contact page if the winds suggest as much, and if you’re looking for a source of inspiration, click this link right here see here. From this day on, we move forever forward~