A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game

Hello hypothetical reader. Here you will find the complete text of A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game. I hope you enjoy.

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|Front Cover|Introduction|I|II|Interlude|III|IV|Conclusion|
|Psychephrenia|I|Interlude|II|Back Cover|

This is a work of fiction. All the characters, locations,
organizations, and events portrayed in this opera omnia are
either products of the author’s imagination, or are used

Or they’re just existential coincidences, in which case there’s
nothing I can do. The story’s the story; aside from these three
paragraphs, this book takes place in an extraneous universe.
A universe where our Universe isn’t real.

But it’s not meant to be taken seriously, so let’s go with it’s fictional.

A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game

|Series: W-63|Entry: 3|

|Genre(s): Satire, Poetry Anthology|

A product of The Hillside Commons

Copyright © 2020 by Hunter A. Wallace
Back cover by MSF, altered slightly to fit the story
All rights reserved.

To myself, Hunter Owens Wallace, and every other iteration of the human being.


Thanks to Borrelia burgdorferi for being inherently evil and trying to hollow out my brain; better luck next time, asshole.

A big thanks to the late and great Michael Storm Fisher for supplying the back cover ten years before this book came out.

And the biggest thanks of all goes to The Hillside Commons and myself, Hunter Owens Wallace, for besting all the bullshit and writing all this stuff three years before this book came out.


I| The Human Conundrum
II| An Examination Of Anger
Interlude: To Bee Or Not To Bee
III| Peace Of Mind
IV| Dimensionality

A Note About The Front Cover

Garden Variety by Hunter Owens Wallace

Taken whilst laying atop a mountain at sunset. The sky is so velvety and colorful while the trees and the Earth are silhouetted, featureless compared to the soft, ethereal glow of everything else out there.

This cotton candy colored skyscape reminds me of the underlying insignificance of what goes down here on planet Earth; our daily lives, trials, and tribulations just aren’t as important as everybody makes them out to be. Life on Earth is beautiful, doubtlessly, but our planet is one garden among many. The rest are probably just like ours, except… different. Maybe their skies are pink and their clouds reflect a blue sunset.