A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game

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|Psychephrenia|I|Interlude|II|Back Cover|

A Compendium Of Thoughts & Poems Written By A Psychecelic Shaman


This is a work of insanity. All the characters, locations,
organizations, and events portrayed in this compendium are
either products of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously.

Or they’re just existential coincidences, in which case there’s
nothing I can do. The story’s the story; other than these three
paragraphs, this book takes place in an extraneous universe.
A universe where our Universe isn’t real.

But it’s not meant to be taken seriously, so let’s go with it’s fictional.

A Compendium Of Poems & Thoughts
Written By A Psychedelic Shaman

|Series: M-63|Entry: 3|
|Genre(s): Satire, Poetry Anthology|

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Copyright © 2020 by Hunter A. Wallace
All rights reserved.

To the voices in my head; to the monsters in my closet; to the extraterrestrials and angels above me; to the demons and intraterrestrials below me.


If the extradimensional beings had never tapped into my consciousness to usher the reign of the Moksha Medicine unto my life, so many things would never have happened. Thank you, Psychedelic extradimensional aliens. I owe you everything.


I| Psychephrenia
Interlude: Hunter Adom Wallace
II| Shut The Fuck Up When You’re Being Talked To