Convenient Incidents

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Bookmaker’s Note

This book didn’t start as a book. I was writing a longer story which I was (am still) planning on making into a novel when, one day, I randomly decided to start writing short stories again. Then, an old character from The Highest One Writing popped up in one of these short stories. Suddenly, poofy: the first book of the Third Spiral was born. Talk about a convenient incident.

Now that it’s done, I’ve realized that this book is basically an epilogue of The Highest One Writing. For those who don’t know, the HOW story is a complicated and ridiculous tale I wrote during a weird part of my life. Hilter Odolf Williamson was (secretly) the main character of that story, and his mother Daisy was sort of an antagonist, and by the end of the whole shebang, both Hilter Odolf and Daisy meet their deaths – Daisy dies offpage, so to speak, and Hilter gets punched in the forehead so hard his skull caves in. The guy who kills the Williamsons then gives Existence a hard reset, ending the First Spiral so I could start over fresh for the story of the Second Spiral, which I’m still working on (and will probably be working on for a good long while). The universe that the HOW story took place in (Universe W-63) doesn’t have a role to play in the Second Spiral story, but at the same time, I had this book all written and whatnot; so, even though the events of the Third Spiral books technically don’t happen until after the events of the Second Spiral take place, here we are.

I feel like I digressed a little bit. What I’m trying to say is that this book is basically a reincarnation of the first five books of the W-63 series. You don’t need to have read the first five books to enjoy this book, but there are references dispersed throughout you might get a kick out of if you did read them. As for what I mean when I say the First, Second, and Third Spirals, just take a look at the Products of The Hillside Commons page in the front of this book; the First Spiral books tell an overarching story, as will the Second Spiral books when they’re done. I don’t plan on telling an overarching story with the Third Spiral books, they’ll just be self-contained one-offs or series. Unless they aren’t. It’s too soon to tell, as this is only the first book of the Third Spiral. Plus, I’m 25 years old, I can only plan so far ahead with this shit, kna’ mean?

Next, I’m going to tell you where the ideas for these stories came from because this is my eighth book and I feel like doing so. I used to play the resale game and, as such, I have a lot of random junk laying around – that is where these stories all came from. I would take a random thing – a set of old Lake George coasters, a bat dagger, a pair of incense burners and boxes of cones, a hunk of white quartz – and the stories would just kind of come to me. The first one wasn’t supposed to be connected to any of the future ones, at least not directly connected. Then the second one wound up being more or less a sequel of the first one, then the third one was about a family who also lived on Fricker, then the fourth and fifth stories pulled the same nonsense, then came all the djincense shenanigans, then Hilter started doing therapy, and… yeah. Here’s a list of the stories and the random knickknacks that inspired them:

  • Unacknowledged and Ignored – Unacknowledged hardback book & DVD
  • Happy Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day card I made for my mom
  • Guess Where We’re Going – Glass bottle painted with a clown saying Oh Noooo
  • Enough – Old Lake George, NY war chief coasters
  • Booming Bass – Mini tackle box
  • The Keeper’s Finds (Part 1) – Shoddy wooden incense stick/cone burners
  • Being Liam – Soapstone burners & Egyptian Musk cones
  • And the Wind Continues to Blow – Soapstone burners & Romantic Rose/Wicked cones
  • Snakebite – Soapstone burners & Romantic Rose/Poison cones
  • The Keeper’s Finds (Part 2) – Incense boards Saved – Jadeite smoking pipe
  • The Serpent – Folding knife with black handle
  • Trash – Old beer bottles (that I found in the woods behind the pond in real life LOL)
  • For Johnny – Bat dagger
  • The Father – Hunk of white quartz shaped like an egg I found on a mountaintop

And now you know. The first drafts are all deep in my blog, they all show pictures of the knickknacks. Just so you’re aware.

Making these books is my life. If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. Be well~

July 14th, 2020 

Hello again, hypothetical reader. Thank you for checking out Convenient Incidents. I hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to take Convenient Incidents home with you, you can purchase an autographed paperback copy here OR a cheaper, unsigned paperback copy here.