Roadtrip: The ¡Gramango! Edition

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters, locations, organizations, and events portrayed in this softback are either products of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously.

Or they’re just existential coincidences, in which case there’s nothing I can do. The story’s the story; aside from these three paragraphs, this book takes place in an extraneous universe.
A universe where our Universe isn’t real.

But it’s not meant to be taken seriously, so let’s go with it’s fictional.

The ¡Gramango! Edition

|Series: W-63|Entry: 2|
|Genre(s): Satire, Travel|

A product of The Hillside Commons

Copyright © 2020 by Hunter A. Wallace
All rights reserved.

To Zak and Mike, and everyone else I have the pleasure of calling a friend.
Also to the memory of Michael Storm Fisher, may he ride in peace.
Also also to grandMother and her cat, Mango.


A big thanks to Ronnie, Margaret, Mike, and Brenna for hosting me on this journey.
Another big thanks to Zak, for being Zak, and to Bessy, my car, if only she could read.
And a third big thanks to G-Mah, Mango, and my entire family, extended or otherwise, for being my family.