Running: How To Torture Yourself And Enjoy It |The Unvictimized Edition|

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About The Author

The author is a human (I think?) who does not like to refer to myself as if I was another being. I’m simply an eccentric shaman who likes to run and write. I wrote this book, uh… I sell stuff sometimes, um… I mean, I feel like you got the gist of me during the first chapter, so like… go run or something.

Seriously. I appreciate you reading this thing to the fullest, but it doesn’t matter who the author is. The book’s over, you’ve been taught some shit. Put it into action and go for a run.

Hello again, hypothetical reader. Thank you for checking out Running: How To Torture Yourself And Enjoy It |The Unvictimized Edition|. I hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to take Running home with you, you can purchase an autographed paperback copy here OR a cheaper, unsigned paperback copy here.