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5| Chapter 3:
Horseshoe Trail

The Triangle

Ancient horseshoes from days passed are disturbed and parted by tire tracks. A dirtbike. The dirtbike, of The Dirtbiker. He rides here too.

The trail brings me to The Triangle. A nexus, the first when you enter through The Gateway at the pond. A gigantic fallen tree rests on the left, and blocks it from the other side as well. My only option is right. I take for it, hearing the heartbeat of the suited man from beyond the fallen log.

The trail takes a cool left hook. A house stands bare, obvious in the naked trees. A fire burns in the chimney. Boots on my feet, I take off sprinting.

Tie a knot, double it down, and unhook the laces; why would one tie boots twice?

I pass by the entrance to Summer Stroll East. Board stands tall, trees lined and in uniform. The air has a warm deadness to it; giant’s woke, still half sleep’d.

The suited man comes for me. I know he does. I can feel it like the cold in the marrow of my bones.

The Dirtbiker’s Trail. The tire tracks were a sign. I must take it now, while I still have a chance.

At the head of Purple Bend, I make a decision and veer left. The wind ushers the leaves, revealing boulders in the bend.