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7| Chapter 4.5:
The Unmarked Trail

The Trans-Board Expressway

Begging on the end of an old logging trail in order to summit a mountain it skirts around. You’re a fool, Hunter Owens Wallace, a goddamned buffoon; The Unmarked Trail lays out to The Trans-Board Expressway, the hot shot carry you from the cemetery to Board all direct the way to Bear.

The trail, unmarked but dug out all the same, approaches the roothead of a recently fallen tree.

Bashes left, a muddywatery rut is bridged by quarried stone. I bridged it once, yes I, not I but I and I, not I, one day after a rainstorm when the ground was moist and soppy.

A weak S bend, a hard-dimed curve. Mossy protrusions of treeroots long rotted ensnare rocks and abandoned boots. The vultures eat well in these woods.

A rotted and dead tree chopped, fixed into a tea party.

Nala howls at the passersby.

Weak eSses and the Junction meets the Trail.

One weak S breaks it off.