The Abusive Runner’s Log

Hello hypothetical reader. Here you will find the complete text of The Abusive Runner’s Log. I hope you enjoy.

As this is displayed on a WordPress site, the text will not be presented in the way I originally intended it to be. There are also a myriad of blank runner’s logs and charts for you to fill out in the actual book, plus visuals of Footsie’s many emotions, that do not translate to this webpage. To experience The Abusive Runner’s Log in all its properly formatted glory, purchase an autographed paperback copy here OR a cheaper, unsigned paperback here OR the ebook, the cheapest version of all, here.

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This is a work of twisted motivation. The pivotal character,
Footsie The Running Shoe, is not real, and he will not crawl out from
underneath your bed in order to take on his Tremendous Form whilst
you sleep. Everything Footsie does, says, and radiates is entirely

Furthermore, please do not be offended by the language Footsie
chooses to use. His words are his own, and do not reflect the views of
anybody – at least, I sure hope they don’t. We live in a dark world, but
it doesn’t need to be pitch black.

Finally, even though I actually was a running coach, I do not claim to
be an expert, nor do I claim to know anything about the grand sport of
running; that said, if Footsie happens to offer you any running advice, I
did not give it to him, and if I were you, I would not take said advice
without a whole refillable shaker of salt.

And preferably a full one, at that.

The Abusive Runner’s Log

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|Genre(s): Satire, Self-Help|

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