The Abusive Runner’s Log

|Front Cover|Howdy.|The Logs|Grand Totals|Back Cover|

From beneath a chart set up for you to fill in your total distance and time from each week (including the Bonus!!), Happy Footsie says, “Okie dokie! Now go back and get all your totals nice and in the chart! Great job, human, you ran for a year! I am so proud of you.”

On the next page, positioned above a chart set up for you to calculate your average mileage per day, Happy Footsie says, “Ohkay! So now fill up that chart, divide the miles by the days, and boomey! You have your mileage per day!”

Then, stationed below the aformentioned chart and above a second chart, the second chart set up for you to calculate how long it took you to run each mile (on average), Happy Footsie says, “Lit! Now, let’s get your average time per mile ran! Just fill out the chart and divide the first by the second! Again!”

Finally, below the second chart, Excited Footsie says, “

Incredulous! Now you have all these logs filled out, all these charts that’ve made you privy to specific information that reflects the trends you experienced as you spent a whole year of your life running every day. So uh… what are you gonna do with all this? What can you even do with all this?”