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Chapter 18.5
Space Drugs III: The Awakening


First, Sean sees nothing: the stark, harrowing emptiness of the void in which an unforgiving Universe may float and house the tortured souls that sustain it, that are born from it, that get swept out from the safety of the shores they construct themselves just to be pulled under the surface of the cesspool by the riptides of time, circumstance, and trauma dispelled by incompetent guardians.

Then, It witnesses everything: the good, the evil, the ecstatic, the depressed, the ubiquitous chain reaction of things leading to things, cycles breaking just to form new cycles in an everlasting loop, what is constantly collapsing and forming what will with the remains of what was, the greatest potentialities of all time reduced to singularity with a simple push, like a row of dominoes.

Now, the Universe’s perception of itself experiences anything: the present moment, the very culmination of all past choices, the breeding ground for the future, chaos and entropy fused together as one to make perfect, harmonious order determined by the flip of a coin, the making of a decision not by those sat idly around the table, waiting, leaning on the surface that will catch the coin and benefit from the result, but by the one who provides the table itself.