The Black Hole – The 2020 Event |The Main Event| (66/66)

Chuck travels through the tube system Sigmund installed in the Cape tower until the platform finally brings him into Sigmund’s lab where he finds something of a little powwow going on. There’s Sigmund, sweaty as usual, standing across from… oh boy. This moment. He’s standing across from some vaguely familiar silver-haired, tall-ass let us call him a purple-painted human, accompanied by a slightly familiar-looking human who, for some untold fucking reason, is holding about ten kilos of brick LSD in his menacingly gloved hands.

Third Time’s The Charm – The 2020 Event |The Main Event| (65/66)

A couple months ago, Hoontr vanished from Emilee and Juliana’s life. Juli had been put to bed, and Em’ and Hoont’ were laying on a blanket they spread over the crusty shingles of Emilee’s parents’ roof, looking at the stars and talking about the origins of Existence. But it was late; the sun would be coming up relatively soon, and a hungry baby takes energy to tend to.

Wake-Up Call – The 2020 Event |The Main Event| (63/66)

Up the hallway, down the hallway. Up the hallway, then down the hallway. Back and forth he paces, just like all the humans downstairs right now, except in a much less frantic manner… then again, when aren’t the humans living in a frantic manner? Their whole species just needs to calm down, smoke one of those sticks that make them happy. In fact, now that he’s thinking about it, they really need a day dedicated to smoking that stuff, that would fix them up. Better yet, a specific time of each day dedicated to smoking – the stress they put themselves thorough could kill them, it’s like they don’t even realize this basic facet of living. He glances over at the clock on the box and a lime green 4:20 glances right back. All right, she’s been sleeping long enough; time to intervene.