One of Two Ways
(The Infinity Saga)

a book you won’t be able to handle

Front Cover
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| Spyral: The Simulation | Bend: Purple |

| Revision Date: August 17, 2022 |

| 88 pages | 22,399 words |


We live in Infinity, you figure it out.


  • Pædophilia
    (Apex Predator)
    • The Next Line
      (A Bad Fucking Idea)
    • The Highest Astral Being
      (The One Below All)
    • A Child’s Face Carved
      (She No Longer Screams)
  • Beyond Insanity
    (The Astral Dance)
    • A Letter
      (You Didn’t Take It Well)
    • Iris’ of Hibiscus
      (My Other Daughter)
    • The Simulation
      (Infinity Complex)
  • Sonata)(The Edenian
    • The Simulation Thinks
    • Worth Enduring
    • Reality is Reality